African American Education & Research Organization


AAERO serves the African American community by providing spaces and resources for teaching and learning. Along with supporting diverse educational needs, we acknowledge that racial identity is a core component of Black educational experiences. We are learning and teaching about racism in-and-out of schools until race is irrelevant.

We preserve oral and written histories of African Americans through the Grand People Project. Ultimately, we strive to foster knowledge exchange, and solidarity-building within and beyond the African American community.

2019 AAERO Annual Conference Photos



  • Education that fosters liberation and lifelong learning
  • Listening to the voices of elders
  • Mutually respectful cross-generational communication
  • Tangible and intangible resource sharing
  • Awareness of policies impacting racial equity
  • Restorative relationships across the African Diaspora


  • Build relationships that bridge divisions among African Americans, specifically those based on social class, economic status, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ability and/or age.
  • Create information systems and facilitate access of African Americans to equitable opportunities to learn, develop skills, and create new ways of being and doing.
  • Enable reciprocal growth, learning and support of African Americans in pursuit of opportunities to realize optimal quality of life in equitable, just communities.
  • Replace systems that unfairly allocate benefits and costs among African Americans with equitable means of access to opportunities.



  • Semester-long internships and community service opportunities to college students
  • Mentoring for high school students through post-secondary options
  • Mentoring for college students throughout college and through post-college options
  • Preserving the stories of African American elders through the Grand People Project