Writing Groups

AAERO provides supportive communities for writers engaging in diverse projects.

  • Café Darkness: From September through May, AAERO will support Café Darkness, a monthly writing space which takes place on 2nd Saturdays (12noon-2:30 pm EST).  We invite people of all genders, ages, and levels of experience, writing in any genre.  Participants might talk about a dissertation, short story, or meditation.  By using breakout rooms, we hope to respond to the needs of those gathered for the particular month.  There will be a silent writing room, an open mic sharing room, and a writing space with music.  At the beginning of our time together, we’ll have a featured writer share something of their work.  Conversation about the featured work will continue in one of the breakout rooms. We look forward to responding dynamically to the writing support needs of those who gather.  Sign up via the Café Darkness Subscription Page.
Hands of participants in the 2019 Writers’ Workshop for Women of Color
  • Virtual and In-Person Workshops: In partnership with Pendle Hill Quaker Conference and Retreat Center, AAERO sponsored a virtual writing workshop, October 18-22, 2021 and will host an in-person writing workshop, April 18-22, 2022.

“Dissertation and Beyond” – This forthcoming writing group is also supported by AAERO.