Dr. K. Melchor Quick Hall

Executive Director

Dr. K. Melchor Quick Hall is executive director of AAERO at Melchor-Quick Meeting House (MQMH). She earned her Ph.D. in International Relations and Master’s degree in International Communication from American University.   Dr. Hall has a Master’s degree in Computer Information Sciences from Temple University.  She brings her experience as a professor, researcher, mentor, and activist to AAERO and MQMH.  Author of Naming A Transnational Feminist Framework: Writing in Darkness (2020), co-editor of Mapping Gendered Ecologies (2021), and author of a series of poems written to accompany the exhibition of Donna Dodson’s “Amazons Among Us” at Boston Sculptors Gallery (2021), Hall is a prolific writer and speaker. She carries on the educational excellence and community engagement of the Melchor-Quick family.