Phillippa Jackson

Philippa Jackson helps people buy and sell residential property.  Her previous experience includes developing public programs, presenting and documenting community-based culture, at the Smithsonian Institution, and leading diverse leaders to consensus on various public policy.  She volunteered with the Mennonite Central Committee in rural Kenya, and for three years, developed a continuing education program for women.  As Executive Director of the Black Student Fund, Ms. Jackson integrated independent schools in DC metropolitan area.  She has been a volunteer leader in the New Mexico Youth for Understanding student exchange program.  In summary, she says “I have spent my life bringing previously unconnected communities together for greater understanding to widen opportunities and enhance knowledge.  I am a child of the Great Migration and a member of the Emmet Till generation.” Philippa Jackson earned the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Fisk University and the Master of Arts degree in African Studies at Howard University.