Dr. K. Melchor Quick Hall has degrees in mathematics (BA, Sarah Lawrence College), computer and information sciences (MS, Temple University), international communication (MA, American University), and international relations (PhD, American University). Proficient in Spanish, she has taught students of all ages, in English and Spanish, both in Honduras and the US. Dissatisfied with the limitations of conventional teaching and learning, she is offering the following services:

  • Family Math Tutoring: After having taught mathematics in elite schools, many of which treat the subject as a competitive sport, she has decided to offer an alternative to traditional tutoring. After turning away requests for private tutoring, she is offering family math (virtual) tutoring sessions for the family (broadly defined) that wants to increase their math literacy together. She is hoping to change the popular acceptance (and often embrace) of math illiteracy and make math homework a family affair.
  • Office Hours with Dr. Melchor: Melchor has taught from kindergarten to doctoral level students in formal education. Outside of formal learning, she has worked in museums, community center, and arboretums. She has led training for tech professionals and for colleagues leveraging technology for educational purposes. Many students (of all ages) don’t receive as much support and guidance as they need to be successful. This is especially the case for historically under-represented populations of students coming from families where others have not earned doctorates. Given this reality, Dr. Melchor has decided to open her (virtual) office to those seeking additional guidance to navigate the education landscape.

For both Office Hours with Dr. Melchor and Family Math Tutoring, a regular schedule can be set after the first session, if desired. If you are in need of the above services, but find the pricing prohibitive, please reach out at to discuss alternative pricing. Also, do not hesitate to reach out with any questions!