Tanzania Girls Home Fund

Thank you for your generous support!

With the support of the AAERO@MQMH community, we were able to purchase the Tanzania Girls Home that was started by House Manager Judith Atamba. The home provides a home base for (mostly orphaned) girls who are continuing their education in boarding schools and universities. The home is an integral part of our work to increase educational access and opportunities in Black communities outside the US, especially for girls and women.

In April 2022, Atamba and the resident girls were forced out of the home when an abusive ex-partner occupied the property. At the beginning of May 2022, we rented a house for a year, as a temporary solution to the housing needs of the group. That lease ended in April 2023 and we asked for your assistance to purchase Atamba’s home. Atamba’s home was available for purchase, as her ex-partner neglected to pay the rent and the property owner decided to relocate.

With your support, we were able to purchase the home! Currently, ten individuals call the house home, including Atamba’s son’s family, two girls studying at boarding school, and three girls studying at universities. Purchasing the land, including house and garden, provides everyone with a secure and permanent place to live.