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We live and die—values and intentions matter!

War dominates the news today.  Personally, I am grieving the end of my mother’s life and the loss of a relationship with one of my dearest relatives.  My material circumstances are unstable.  Even with these uncomfortable conditions in my personal life, the most powerful impact on my state of being comes from the horrific attacks…

by pquickhall October 16, 2023

1921 – 2023

Beulah Melchor Quick died Monday the 25th of September in Fayetteville, North Carolina at age 102. This is a story of her life, as recalled by her daughter, Paula. July 23, 1921 – Beulah Mae Melchor was born to Beulah V. and Warren Melchor on her father’s birthday!  The Melchor family, which included sister, Grace,…

by pquickhall September 26, 2023

Friendship & Community

You may know that I was the only child of African American parents—Dr. & Mrs. C. Mason Quick.  As a child, I envied peers who had siblings.  As I grew older, I came to see this as a mixed blessing.  There are advantages and disadvantages in any circumstance.  And the size of the household is…

by pquickhall September 12, 2023

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