Founder’s Corner

In January 2022 the African American Education & Research Organization (AAERO) and Melchor-Quick Meeting House (MQMH) merged to become AAERO at MQMH. These nonprofit organizations were founded in 1999 and 2018, respectively.

Central to the work of AAERO@MQMH is the honoring of living legacies. In this section, our founder, Paula Quick Hall, curates articles to share important information about educational access and writes the Founder’s Blog. Check out our Events page for information about future blog discussions.

The next Founder’s Blog Discussion will be Saturday, September 16th at 2:30 pm EST on Zoom.

This series began November 19, 2022. The first essay presents highlights and treasured aspects of family legacy, along with photos. This was the first topic in the series introducing the AAERO Founder’s Blog

The second essay presents a history of education of African Americans in North Carolina, with excerpts from the Founder’s research.

In February Dr. Francena Turner led our discussion of Digital Sources of 20th Century Black History. We invited participants to contribute to a list of good sources of information about Black history in the 20th Century. This is a work-in-progress, so feel free to submit your favorite digital sources–videos, podcasts, and documentaries that help us learn about significant events and people.

The format of the Founder’s Blog will change and eventually include all of the essays and topics discussed.

Informational Articles: