Annual AAERO@MQMH 2023 Symposium

Spiritual Exploration

The one-day event, AAERO@MQMH 2023 Annual Symposium: Spiritual Exploration, was attended by Board members as well as influential community members to discuss and learn about community education and individual spiritual odysseys.

The event was held at the Melchor Quick Meeting House on July 22, 2023 with keynote speaker Reverend Jacqueline Brett. 

This year’s symposium was geared towards recognizing one’s personal history along with overall family history, understanding what part it has played in setting you down the path of who you are. Reverand Brett explained how finding your own path can help fulfill your purpose and help others along the journey of fulfilling their purpose. The path of finding who you are is a spiritual one and we should be open to exploring to see what speaks to you in walking in your earthly purpose.

The symposium concluded with the Summer 2023 AAERO@MQMH intern, Atanas Nixon, doing a presentation on Mrs. Beulah Quick. The presentation also touched on the importance of learning family history and conversing on the impacts that family matriarchs have on upcoming generations.