Grand People Project

This project seeks to preserve original documents and photographs and use available technologies to record oral narratives of African American elders. African American college students earn Community Service credit for doing the following: 

  •  Identify an elderly person who would like to participate in the project. 
  •  Explain the project and procedures and obtain signed consent to record and share information. 
  •  Conduct and record biographical interviews at times and places convenient for the elders. 
  •  Scan and/or photograph valued documents, images and artifacts selected by the elders. 
  • Make available copies of the recorded and digitized materials.

Photographs could include places of significance, including schools, churches, and homes in the experience of the elders. 

Digitized items will be available for display on the AAERO website and used in printed and video formats for educational and research purposes. 

Forms and guidelines will be provided.